Everything That We Know About the Upcoming Limited Series From Peacock Called “Joe Exotic”

The documentary series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness has caused quite a stir all around the world. A year has passed since the premiere of the series on Netflix, and fans have been captivated by Joseph Maldonado-Passage and his fascination with exotic cats in that time.

The love that the general population had for Joe Exotic increased even further. To the point where a mobile game called Tiger King – Joe Exotic Zoo was made available, and there is even a slot game called Joe Exotic that was developed by Red Tiger Gaming and is regarded as one of the best new slot games. Peacock’s new limited series, which is unique to the streaming service operated by the firm, will allow audiences to see more of Joe Exotic on their screens than ever before.

The Joe Exotic: Tiger King podcast, which is hosted by journalist Robert Moor and can be found on Wondery, will serve as the inspiration for the new series. The beginning of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin’s competition is discussed, which can also be seen in the documentary series on Netflix. Carole Baskin seeks to put an end to Joe Exotic’s business, but she also has a questionable past of her own, which complicates her efforts.

This conflict has not only been saved for the show, but it is also currently actively taking place in real life. In the year 2020, Joe Exotic was given a prison sentence of 22 years for committing numerous wildlife-related crimes as well as two unsuccessful attempts to murder Carole Baskin.

According to Susan Rovner, who is the Chairman of Entertainment Content for NBC Universal Television and Streaming, “Joe Exotic is building out to be a powerful and provocative drama.”

The character of Carole Baskin was given to the award-winning actress Kate McKinnon. Later on, Kyle MacLachlan, who is known for his roles in Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, and Twin Peaks, was chosen to play the role of Carole’s third husband, Howard Baskin. It has been reported that actor John Cameron Mitchell, winner of a Tony Award, will play the role of Joe Exotic in the series, and that he is beyond ecstatic at the opportunity to take on this part in the show.

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The roles of Joe Exotic’s exes, Travis Maldonado and John Finlay, will be played by Nat Wolff, Sam Keely, and Brian Van Holt, respectively, while John Reinke, the zoo employee, will be played by Brian Van Holt. William Fichtner, an actor who appeared in the show Prison Break, has been cast in the part of Rick Kirkman, a producer of reality shows.

The new series that Peacock is producing on Tiger King is only one of several planned recreations that will be available on Joe Exotic. Other adaptations include one starring Nicholas Cage, which can be found on Amazon; Surviving Joe Exotic, which airs on Animal Planet; and a rumored collaboration between Ryan Murphy and Rob Lowe.

There is currently no announcement of a release date, nor is there a trailer. On the other hand, we cannot wait for the upcoming Tiger King limited series to reveal more of its vastness!

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